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Sonapur Mineral and Oils, knows as Sona Cement Company is going to issue to the general public from 14 Ashoj 2080. This company is issuing IPO at the premium rate which is Rs. 237.58 per kitta. The quantity of IPO is 9732544 units kitta. In this content we will give you information about the details of Sona Cement IPO

  • Early closing Date of IPO : 17 Ashoj 2080.
  • Late Cloning Date of IPO : 28 Ashoj 2080.

About Sona Cement IPO

The applicant can apply from 10 units to 15 units for this IPO. Mean while NIMB Ace capital is the issue manager of this IPO. Sonapur Minreal and Oil already issued and allocated IPO in first and second phase to the local people and foreign employed people respectively.

After Sonapur’s share issue, the number of cement companies in the Nepali capital market will reach 3. Currently the shares of Shivam Cement and Ghorahi Cement are listed. Sarbottam Cement has also sought permission to issue an IPO. Sarbottam has asked for permission to issue shares through the book-building method.


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