Upcoming IPO in Nepal 2080

upcoming ipo in nepal

Initial Public Offering means issuing the shares to the public. The public can buy the stock of the company. There are basically two markets, One is primary and another is secondary. Investor create and sold IPO in primary market. In Nepal, the Security Board of Nepal is the governing body to issue IPO. Only after the approval of SEBON, Companies issue their stock to the public.upcoming ipo in nepal

How to apply for IPO shares in Nepal?

Nowadays it is very easy to buy IPO shares in Nepal. We can give an application to the IPO through meroshare application. The application can be placed online. Meanwhile, the application for IPO can be placed online. Those who haven’t meroshare services can apply for IPO from the banks. The application form is available in all the ASBA member banks in Nepal. Nepse will list IPO in secondary market after IPO allotment.

More than 50 lakh people in Nepal had opened Demat accounts. The probability of getting an IPO through the application is very tough. This is because of the large number of applications. The online application makes IPO very easy and accessible.

Which IPO is coming soon in Nepal ?

Many companies are in pipeline to issue primary shares in the near future.

Upcoming Hydropower IPO in Nepal

S.NCompany NameUnitsDate
1.Vision Lumbini Urja Company Ltd.20752852080 Kartik 16

Upcoming Laghubitta IPO in Nepal

S.NCompany NameUnitsDate
1.Unnati Sahakarya Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited1,78,451.182080 Kartik 21

Upcoming Insurance IPO in Nepal

S.NCompany NameUnitsDate
1.Himalayan Re-insurance Limited30000002080 Mangshir 4

Which IPO is the biggest IPO in Nepal?

Nepal infrastructure Bank (NIFRA) had issued the Biggest IPO in Nepal in 2020.