Chirkhwa Hydropower Limited is issuing IPO from today (October 23rd). After distributing the IPO issued by the company to the local residents of the project-affected areas and Nepalis working abroad, it is now about to issue the IPO to the general public.
The company is going to issue 8 lakh 59 thousand 300 shares with a face value of Rs 100 per share to the general public. The company is going to sell the shares issued for local residents to the general public, including the shares that have not been applied for.

Earlier, the company had issued 4 lakh shares to local residents in the first phase. Out of which only 2 lakh 4 thousand 700 shares have been allotted, the company said. Similarly, in the first phase, the company has already issued and distributed 80,000 shares for Nepalis working abroad, 16,000 shares for employees and 40,000 shares for collective investment funds.

A minimum of 10 shares must be applied for in the IPO, and a maximum of 100,000 shares can be applied for. The close of issue will be on October 26th. If the complete application is not received within that period, the issuance period will be extended till 3rd of November.

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