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Government of Nepal, Transportation Management office has managed the system of online application of driving license. There is good news to those people who are going to give driver license application. Government of Nepal Transportation office has started a new website for the driving application. Application for driving license in Nepal becomes very easy with this website. Meanwhile, Government of Nepal, Transportation Management Office recently published a notice regarding the application of driving license. The application of driving license of motorbike, car, jeep, van, bus and other heavy vehicles. is now open. Thus , Interested candidate who want to obtain the driving license can give application.

Transportation Management office of Nepal had started smart driving license in Nepal on 2015 AD. Before that the transport management office used to issue the paper license with the hologram striker. The Government of Nepal has started the online application form from December 25, 2016. Meanwhile, the applicant used to fill up form at the transport office. At past time, driving license application was very tough. Applicants had to wait at the long queue at the transportation office for the driving license application. This online system makes applicants very easier to make driving license applicant.

New Notice of Yatayat Byabastha Karyalaya

Government of Nepal had reopened the online license application from 30th May 2022. Meanwhile the transportation management office, license division urged that all the past applications are cancelled due to the technical problem. Likewise, The transportation office have published the formal notice regarding the new system of online application.

According to the new notice, applicants can place the application through

Why applying driving license is so hard in Nepal in past time?

Due to the few number of transportation offices and the few number of manpower, they can’t give the services to the large number of applicants. This cause them to applying license is so difficult in Nepal. At the online application there is limited quota which cause. The license application is not open for all time. Transportation office issue the notification about the open and close of the driving license application form. If the application opened in 365 days on year and the Government of Nepal manage the adequate numbers of the manpower, only after then the make diving license application will be easy. The new online system has made application very easy. Applicant can easily make the application of driving license.

How I can get driving license online in Nepal?

If you want to obtain the driving license you have to go at the official site of Yatayat Byabasta Bibhag ie. and follow the process. Therefore, We can give the application of driving license at various office of yatayat Byabasta Bibhag which are given below.

The above office of transport management offices are came under the province administration.

online apply license registration

How to Check the passed driving license status?

If you have passed the written and practical (trial) examination of vehicle license. You can check the license status by Visiting this link or Click Here

online driving license check

Steps To Get Driving License In Nepal

  1. Online Form : If you want to get the new license or want to renew old license then you have to give the application through online.
  2. Document Submission : However, there will be one specified date to submit your documents. Likewise, at that time you must visit transportation office to submit the documents.
  3. Written Examination : This is the likhit exam in Nepali. There will be 20 objective question about the traffic rules and regulation in this examination.
  4. Trial : Similarly, this is the practical examination on which you have to operate the vehicle according to the trial rule of Nepal
  5. Payment and license : Meanwhile, you passed the trial then you have to pay the government tax. After some time you will get the license. You can check the license print status on the link given above.

Why do we need driving license ?

As we know that vehicle are the mechanical objects . Hence, We need to learn properly about the vehicle before we operate.  Only learning about the vehicle is not enough, we have to aware about the traffic rules. This is why we need driving license.

At Nepal, Transportation management office is the authorized body to issue driving license to the citizens. Without license it is illegal to drive vehicles in Nepal. To be aware about the road traffic rule, driving license is very important online driving license, check status

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