CASBA Charges of Nepali Banks

CASBA is the centralized application supported by block amount (CASBA). This is the system by which investors can buy the primary and right shares. CASBA system was introduced on 23rd Feb 2018. ( 2074 Falgun,11 ).  Here we are going to give the information about the CASBA charges of Commercial Banks and other financial institutions.

While we are applying for IPO, ASBA service provider banks charge a certain amount of money from the bank account. But now the Security Board of Nepal (SEBON) has made the law about charging the maximum limit of asba charge. After this law, the service provider has to charge only NPR 5 maximum for the IPO application. There are some banks who had given free asba service to its customer. We have included all the details of the asba charge rates of all banks in Nepal.

Asba charges of Nepali banks click here (source investopaper)

What is C-ASBA Charge ?

CASBA Charge is the certain type of charge which is paid by investors to the CASBA provider bank and financial institutions against the CASBA service. Some financial institutions do not charge the CASBA fee.

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S.N.BankASBA / CASBA Charges Per Application
1Kumari Bank LimitedFree
2Nabil Bank LimitedFree
3NIC Asia Bank LimitedFree
4Rastriya Banijya Bank LimitedFree
5Sanima Bank LimitedFree
6Nepal Bank LimitedFree
7Siddhartha Bank LimitedNPR 5.00
8Agriculture Development BankNPR 5.00
9Bank of Kathmandu LimitedNPR 5.00
10Civil Bank LimitedNPR 5.00
11Machhapuchchhre Bank LimitedNPR 5.00
12Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank LimitedNPR 5.00
13Prabhu Bank LimitedNPR 5.00
14Sunrise Bank LimitedNPR 5.00
15Global IME Bank LimitedNPR 5.00
16Citizen Bank International LimitedNPR 5.00
17Everest Bank LimitedNPR 5.00
18Himalayan Bank LimitedNPR 5.00
19NMB Bank LimitedNPR 5.00
20Nepal Investment Bank LimitedNPR 5.00
21Prime Commercial Bank LimitedNPR 5.00
22Century Commercial BankNPR 5.00
23Laxmi Bank LimitedNPR 5.00
24Nepal SBI Bank LimitedNPR 5.00
25Mega Bank LimitedNPR 5.00
26Standard Chartered Bank Nepal LimitedNPR 5.00
C-ASBA Charge Bank List

C-ASBA charge of Development Banks & Finances in Nepal

SymbolBank NameCharge (in rupees)
ICFCICFC FinanceRs. 5
MNBBLMuktinath Bikas BankRs. 5
MLBLMahalaxmi Bikas BankRs. 5
GBBLGarima Bikas BankFree

There is a total of 4 commercial banks and 1 development bank limited giving free CASBA service to their customer. The Name of the banks giving free CASBA Services are as follows

  1. Mega Bank Limited
  2. Nabil Bank Limited
  3. Nepal Credit and commerce bank limited
  4. NIC Asia Bank Limited
  5. Rastrya Banijya Bank Limited
  6. Garima Bikas Bank Limited

Mero Share

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