how to check the ipo result of samling power company limited

The IPO allotment of Samling Power Company Limited (SPCL) will be done on 2nd November 2021 ( 2078 Kartik 17th). According to Nepal SBI Merchant Banking Company limited the IPO result will be published on 8:30 AM at the corporate office of SPCL. Only 67890 applicant will get 10 units each share from the lottery system. The total number of applicant of this IPO is 22,65,698 according to the IPO issue manager. Check Samling Power IPO result

How to View the IPO result of SPCL

There are three ways by which you can view the result which are given below.

  1. Website of CDSC Nepal (Click Here)
  2. Website of Global IME Capital (Click Here)
  3. Meroshare web and mobile application (Click Here)
how to check the ipo result of samling power company limited
spcl ipo result
  • Website of CDSC Nepal : If you want to view the result of Samling Power Company Limited then website of CDSC Nepal will be the first option. The web address for IPO allotment is . This website is developed by CDS and Clearing Limited. The steps to view the result at the website of CDSC Nepal is given below
  1. Go to the website
  2. Click on Select company 
  3. Choose samling Power company limited
  4. Enter you demat number of 16-digit BOID Box
  5. Click on View result
  • Website of Nepal SBI Merchant Banking Limited : You can also view the result of SPCL at the website of Nepal SBI Merchant Banking Limited. The web address for the IPO allotment is steps to check the IPO result of samling Power Company limited are as follows.
  1. Go to the website
  2. Click at company and choose Samaling Power Company limited (General Public)
  3. Enter you demat number on BOID Section
  4. Click on Check button

Note : If you have already applied for the IPO of Samling Power Company as the local and project affected group you can find the IPO result on this website

  • Mero Share Web and Mobile Application : This is the web based and mobile based application which is developed by the CDS and Clearing Limited.

How to check Samling Power Company IPO allotment status at Mero Share mobile and web application ?

To check Samling Power Company IPO allotment status online at its official Mero Share web and mobile application login at direct Link Mero Share link — and follow the below-mentioned step by step guide

  1. Log in at direct link of Mero Share IPO Result – mero IPO result:- Mero Share IPO Results
  2. Click at ‘My ASBA’ in the dropdown menu;
  3. Then Click Application Report
  4. Click  Samling Power Company
  5. Click at ‘Report’ button; and
  6. Then you can find the result of the IPO allotment status at the down of application report.

Company Profile

Samling Power Company Limited (SPCL)is located in the middle reach of Mai river in Ilam district of eastern part of Nepal, Mai Beni Hydropower Project is a Run-of-River type hydropower project with an installed capacity of 9.51 MW. The Project is the pilot project of Urja Developers Pvt. Ltd. The components of the project lie between an elevation of 490m and 645m above mean sea level. Meanwhile, All the major components of the project are within 5 km distance from Mechi highway. The project is in operation since September 17, 2021.

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