The result of Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalbidhyut Company Limited which had issued Initial Public offering (IPO) the project affected local people and the people of sindhupalchowk district is published on 27th September 2021. The result was published at the corporate office of issue manager Global IME Capital.

How to view the IPO result of Madhya Bhotekoshi for locals ?

If you want to view the result, you have visit the official site of global IME Capital.

Click on the Result Menu

In result menu Click on IPO/FPO share allotment check

Enter your BOID Number at the BOID BoX

After that Click on Check Menu

IPO Issue of Buddha Bhumi Nepal Hydro

About IPO issue Details

There are total 108527 (Inwords One lakh eight thousand five hundred and twenty seven) applicants who has applied for this IPO. Among this there are total 12147 people had applied under the category of project affected area. Unfortunately the issue manager rejected 49 applicants due to some reason. Those applicants who had applied for minimum 180 units IPO shares has got as per of their demand. Those applicants who has applied for 190-400 units shares, among them 2313 applicants has got extra 10 units shares via lottery. Beside the area affected area, the people of sindhupalchowk are allowed to apply for this IPO.

The total applicants come under the category of Sindhupalchowk district was 96380. The total number of void applicants is 1515 So that the company distributed IPO shares to the eligible 94865 applicants. Those applicants comes under the other parts of sindhupalchowk district who had applied from 10 units to 40 units has got as per their demands and those people who had applied 50 units to 400 units out of them 40548 applicants have go extra 10 units shares via lottery.

This company had issued these shares at 21st of Baisakh 2078. It was postponed at 24th Baisakh because of the lockdown due to the corona pandemic. The postponed IPO was resumed on 5th Shrawan 2078.

The company had issued 60 lakh units IPO to the local people whereas 18 lakh unit shares was issued to the people of project affected areas.The project affected areas are as follows

  • Bhotekoshi Gaupalika Ward No. 1 and 5
  • Barhabise Municipility Ward No. 5,6,7 and 8.

The company had issued 42 lakh units IPO to the permanent resident of sindhupalchowk district who are not come under the people of project affected areas. This is the 70% of 60 lakh units shares.

IPO issue date of Madhya Botekoshi Jalbidhyut Company Limited to the General Public.

  • The IPO issue date of MBKJKL to the general public is 6th October 2021 i.e. 2077 ashoj 20th

This company has already issued the IPO shares to the contributor of employee’s provident fund and the contributor of employee provident fund which was already allotted to the respective category.

About Company

Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalbidhyut Company limited is the sister company of Chilime Hydropower Company Limited. This company was established on 2010. The total capacity of this company is 102MW lies on sindhupalchowk district, Bagmati Province, Nepal. There are 5 sister companies of chilime Hydropower Company Limited, Madhya Bhotekoshi is one of them. The promoter share percentage is 51% and the general public share percentage is 49%.

The Total Share Percentage are given below

Chimile Hydropower Co.Ltd.37 %
Nepal Electricity Authority10 %
Depositors of EPF19.5 %
General Public15%
Local Public10%
Employees of Promoter Companies3.5%
Sindhu Bhotekoshi Hydropower Ltd1%
Sidhupalchowk Hydropower Ltd.1%
Sindhu Investment Hydropower Ltd.1%
Nepal Araniko Hydropower Co.Ltd.1%

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